How Netent dominated the world of online slots

The small Swedish company that could make a big name.

Every day, millions of people visit online casinos for anything from a few minutes to a few hours of fun. They know the games they like to play and the slots they think will bring them the biggest winnings, but not many of them know a lot about who builds these games and the companies behind the software, the makes them all possible.


So while you might call netEnt to some people who might recognize the name, many others probably would not have a clue what you’re talking about. But as a company responsible for around 35% of all slots and online casino games out there, NetEnt is a pretty big deal in the field.

First a little history. NetEnt was first introduced in Sweden in 1996. Previously, it was operating as a company called Cherry, which made traditional slot machines that were direct descendants of the original Liberty Bell slot invented a century ago in California by a young engineer named Charles Fey.

The birth of NetEnt

Two things led to the birth of NetEnt. The first was the crackdown by the Swedish government on installing slot machines in bars and other places. The other was the advent of online gaming. So, with the knowledge and skills that Cherry had acquired, NetEnt began applying them to the new technology.

Already in 2003, NetEnt made a name and delivered a number of online casinos. Over the years, the number has grown steadily. The company has been officially listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 2009 and has gradually expanded to offer games in almost every country in the world where online gambling is legal. Today, its market capitalization is over $ 5 billion, making it a dominant force in the sector.

While the company also creates software for casino games such as blackjack and roulette, as well as “live casino” software that recreates the experience of playing in an actual casino complete with live dealers, it is the slots games that NetEnt s really built up. Fortunes.

Popular slots

These have always been incredibly popular games, whether players are trying their luck on the stand-up machines or their online counterparts. For relatively small bets, they offer the opportunity for a variety of different profit sizes and there are usually very few rules to understand.

Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that a company should achieve such a high degree of dominance in a highly competitive market, with a number of other major players also vying for supremacy,

So what’s the secret of NetEnt’s success? Essentially, it’s about two elements: On the one hand for their innovation and quality urge and on the other hand for the selection of games.

In the first case, netEnt has always sought to find new and exciting ways to enhance the player’s gaming experience, whether by changing the movement type of the reels or even introducing elements such as video sections and dramatic music. From the point of view of online casino operators, they know that a NetEnt game is well designed, fully tested and, most importantly, that it will be very popular with gamers.