Game of Roulette


WH Roulette

William Hill Roulette is based on the popular European casino game roulette. This game accepts all normal European roulette bets (such as line bets, corner bets and straight bets). There are also convenient “Neighbor Bet” options, which allow users to wager on specific combinations of numbers (as a single action). This is the same as betting five times on a row of five numbers on the roulette wheel.

With lightning, roulette

Lightning Roulette elevates the basic casino game of roulette by adding a new dimension of drama and excitement. This is essentially a high-octane live casino game combined with a high-payout random number generator. Prepare for lightning bolts to strike random numbers as the wheel spins! Selections are also subject to a 500x random multiplier, which makes things much more fascinating.


Classic roulette has long been one of the most popular casino games among live dealers. Thanks to live camera feeds, players can see every stage of the game in stunning detail. The game is available in the standard European edition. If you prefer or want to try something new, you can play French roulette, which has a distinct table layout and somewhat different rules.

Roulette with a unique atmosphere

Immersive Roulette is a high-end live roulette game with a number of distinguishing features. Other roulette games use multi-camera viewing angles, but immersive roulette uses views that zoom in even closer to catch the game’s vital action. You can not only watch every wheel spin and ball bounce, but you can also view instant replays of the roulette ball landing in the winning pocket – all in breathtaking slow motion!


MONOPOLY Live is a live online version of the ever-popular MONOPOLY board game that develops and improves on the original concept of the game. The basic concept is simple: your live game host spins the massive wheel, and competitors must guess where it will eventually stop spinning. There are many different bets to choose from, but keep an eye out for a virtual MR. MONOPOLY in a great augmented reality bonus game.
DreamcatcherTM is one of the most aesthetically stunning live casino games on the market. Throughout the game, a live dealer spins the wheel while conversing with the players. Multi-camera setups and synced audio effects add to the immersive appeal of this simple ‘bet and spin’ game show premise.


Live blackjack is a game that players of all skill levels can enjoy. This is a typical seven-player table game with a variety of extra features and smooth, fast-paced gameplay. 21+3 and a side bet on ‘perfect pairs’ are two options to avoid.
To provide you with the greatest possible live casino experience, we have meticulously researched the games that our clients play on a regular basis. William Hill’s unquestionable favourites include live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, live poker, and live casino game shows. So take a look at this list of our clients’ favourite Live Casino Dealer games. You’ll almost certainly come across some of your own favourites that you’d like to try out. You might even discover new game variations that you’d want to try.